Project Management with SAP Project System, 3rd edition

Book Description:

Don’t let projects stress you out any longer—get them under control with this book! From development, to planning, to controlling, and to invoicing, no essential project step or function is left out. You’ll get started with a thorough introduction to the functions and customization of SAP Project System. After mastering the basics, you’ll learn how to map specific business processes and execution, carry out the different phases of project management, and much more.

1. All Phases of the Project Cycle Whether you’re interested in project planning, budgeting, implementation, invoicing, or reporting, find comprehensive coverage of all project phases.

2. Overview of Structures Learn how to efficiently use work breakdown structures, networks, milestones, and statuses.

3. Editing and Maintenance Functions Find out how to handle tools such as Project Builder and Project Planning Board, use the field selection and mass change functions, and more.

4. Integration Scenarios Explore how to use SAP Project System in combination with other project management tools, including Open PS for Microsoft Project and SAP Portfolio and Project Management.

5. Updated for EHP5 and 6 Discover new functions from the two latest Enhancement Packages, as well as SAP Enterprise Project Connection (also relevant for users with older releases [as of 4.6C]).

Highlights Include:

Work breakdown structure and network
Milestones, documents, statuses, and versions
Tools for master data maintenance
Scheduling and planning
Budgeting functions
External services and internal activities
Revaluation, overhead rates, interest calculation
Results analysis, cost forecast, settlement
Project Information System: Structures and Financials
Open PS for Microsoft Project
SAP Portfolio and Project Management