Mastering LOB Development for Silverlight 5

A Case Study in Action

Book Description:

Microsoft Silverlight is fully established as a powerful tool for creating and delivering Rich Internet Applications and media experiences on the Web. This book will help you dive straight into utilizing Silverlight 5, which now more than ever is a top choice in the Enterprise for building Business Applications.

“Expert Line of Business Application Development for Silverlight 5: Quick Start Guide” focuses on the development of a complete Silverlight 5 LOB application, helping you to take advantage of the powerful features available along with expert advice.

Fully focused on LOB development, this expert guide takes you from the beginning of designing and implementing a Silverlight 5 LOB application, all the way through to completion. Accompanied by a gradually built upon case study, you will learn about data access via RIA and Web services, architecture with MEF and MVVM applied to LOB development, testing and error control, and much more.

With “Expert Line of Business Application Development for Silverlight 5: Quick Start Guide” in hand, you will be fully equipped to expertly develop your own Silverlight Line of Business application, without dwelling on the basics of Enterprise Silverlight development.

What you will learn from this book

  • Get up and running with coverage of LOB development challenges like building forms, navigation, and service and database access
  • Get to grips with the MVVM pattern and how to integrate it with RIA Services
  • Dig deeper by implementing both in Browser and Out of Browser trusted applications
  • Become fully acquainted with Silverlight and HTML/JavaScript integration
  • Understand how to add authentication and authorization to your Silverlight application
  • Gain advanced knowledge of error control topics like error notification to TFS
  • Become fully equipped with everything an expert developer should know about building Line of Business applications using Silverlight 5
  • Take advantage of a complete LOB case study built gradually from start to finish throughout each chapter