iOS Penetration Testing

A Definitive Guide to iOS Security

Book Description:

Unearth some of the most significant attacks threatening iOS applications in recent times and learn methods of patching them to make payment transactions and personal data sharing more secure.

When it comes to security, iOS has been in the spotlight for a variety of reasons. Although a tough system to manipulate, there are still critical security bugs that can be exploited. In response to this issue, author Kunal Relan offers a concise, deep dive into iOS security, including all the tools and methods to master reverse engineering of iOS apps and penetration testing.

What you will learn:

• Get a deeper understanding of iOS infrastructure and architecture

• Obtain deep insights of iOS security and jailbreaking
• Master reverse engineering techniques for securing your iOS Apps

• Discover the basics of application development for iOS
• Employ security best practices for iOS applications

Who is this book for:

Security professionals, Information Security analysts, iOS reverse engineers, iOS developers, and readers interested in secure application development in iOS.