Implementing Operations Management Suite

A Practical Guide to OMS, Azure Site Recovery, and Azure Backup

Book Description:

Learn how to protect, back up, recover, and monitor your data and infrastructure in the cloud with Microsoft’s Operations Management Suite (OMS), Azure Backup, and Azure Site Recovery.

Implementing Operations Management Suite starts with an overview of the Operations Management Suite, followed by an introduction to Azure virtual machines and virtual networks. Chapters cover Azure Backup and how to configure it, followed by deep dives into aspects of Azure Site Recovery (ASR): how it works, how to configure it, how to streamline your disaster recovery failover from on-premises to Azure, and so on. Learn about protection groups, how to perform planned and unplanned failover, and more.

Windows IT pro consultant, trainer and MVP Peter De Tender takes you through the necessary theory and background on each topic along with hands-on step-by-step lab guides to help you implement and configure each feature for yourself. You’ll also find out how to estimate your platform costs when using Azure infrastructure components, making this book your one-stop guide to the latest disaster recovery services in Microsoft Azure.

What You’ll Learn

  • Understand current concepts and challenges in IT disaster recovery
  • Get introduced to Microsoft Azure, Azure virtual networks and Azure virtual machines
  • How to protect your data in the cloud with Azure Backup, and the configuration options available
  • Understand how to protect, recover, and monitor your environment with Azure Site Recovery Manager, and the configuration options available
  • How to extend Azure Site Recovery Manager to non-Hyper-V workloads