Dropbox Guide: How to Use Dropbox on Your Computer, IPhone, or IPad

Book Description:

If you are still using external storages like USB-flash, DVDs or external Hard Drives, then this book is for YOU! Everyone remembers such kind of problem, when the data you need is on the external storage and you can leave it or lose. Cloud storage services are our present! And one of the most useful and popular of them is Dropbox. This book will help You to understand and get on well with Dropbox cloud storage. This book contains all the necessary information on effective using Dropbox cloud storage. Here are given all the tips and hints on using Dropbox not only your PC, but also on your Apple devices. It will guide You through all the options and features of data storage on Dropbox with great number of advises and weighing all pros and cons. So make your step up to the most useful way of data storage with Dropbox!