Delphi Quick Syntax Reference

A Pocket Guide to the Delphi and Object Pascal Language

Book Description:

The Delphi Quick Syntax Reference is a succinct code and syntax reference guide to Delphi. It presents the fundamental knowledge to get newcomers started with the language and provides a refresher to seasoned or returning Delphi developers.

It covers all the new features added by Embarcadero during the last few years. Delphi celebrates 25 years in 2020 and, alongside the free community version that was introduced a couple of years ago, this syntax guide is a great way to get into the language.

What You Will Learn

  • Quickly use and learn Delphi
  • Compile, build and run a Delphi program
  • Master Delphi strings, variables, constants, and operators and how to apply them
  • Use conditions, loops, procedures, and functions in Delphi
  • Apply object-oriented programming in Delphi
Who This Book Is For

Returning or current Delphi developers: The book is a resource for reference for this group of developers especially for the new features that were introduced in the language over the last couple of years. Newcomers to the language: These developers will learn the fundamentals of the language in a very condensed and effective text that accelerates learning.