Cognitive Virtual Assistants Using Google Dialogflow

Develop Complex Cognitive Bots Using the Google Dialogflow Platform

Book Description:

Follow a step-by-step, hands-on approach to building production-ready enterprise cognitive virtual assistants using Google Dialogflow. This book provides an overview of the various cognitive technology choices available and takes a deep dive into cognitive virtual agents for handling complex real-life use cases in various industries such as travel and weather.

You’ll delve deeper into the advanced features of cognitive virtual assistants implementing features such as input/output context, follow-up intents, actions and parameters, and handling complex multiple intents. You’ll learn how to integrate with third-party messaging platforms by integrating your cognitive bot with Facebook messenger. You’ll also integrate with third-party APIs to enrich your cognitive bots using webhooks.

Cognitive Virtual Assistants Using Google Dialogflow takes the complexity out of the cognitive platform and provides rich guidance which you can use when developing your own cognitive bots. The book covers Google Dialogflow in-depth and starts with the basics, serving as a hands-on guide for developers who are starting out on their journey with Google Dialogflow. All the code presented in the book will be available in the form of scripts and configuration files, which allows you to try out the examples and extend them in interesting ways.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop cognitive bots with Google Dialogflow technology
  • Use advanced features to handle complex conversation scenarios
  • Enrich the bot’s conversations by understanding the sentiment of the user
  • See best practices for developing cognitive bots
  • Enhance a cognitive bot by integrating with third-party services

Who This Book Is For

AI and ML developers.