Building Single Page Applications in .NET Core 3

Jumpstart Coding Using Blazor and C#

Book Description:

Attention .NET developers who no longer want to use JavaScript for your front end. Quickly and efficiently learn how to use C# for your single-page application (SPA) thanks to Blazor.

Today’s reality is that most modern applications are web-based and if you want the same user experience as a desktop application, you need to be able to create a single-page application. While there are multiple frameworks and libraries to choose from (including Angular, React, and VueJS), you still need to know how to code in JavaScript. But now there is another option from Microsoft. Blazor is an open-source framework that enables developers to create web applications using C# and HTML, and everything you need to get started is covered in this guide. You will learn the steps, through build-along coding examples, that will allow you to use the same language for both the front end and the back end of your application.

This book is designed to get you comfortable creating a single-page application in the shortest time possible. Get ready to create a complete business application that teaches and reinforces the skills you need in a Blazor production environment.

What You Will Learn

  • Develop the front end of an application using C# and .NET Core
  • Use this quick-start for .NET developers who need to improve their application with a single-page front end
  • Take a code-first approach that models an actual business application
  • Gain insights for developing a high-functioning and maintainable application
  • Study guidance on repurposing your .NET skill set
Who This Book Is For
C# and .NET developers who have some experience in web development