Beginning Bazel

Building and Testing for Java, Go, and More

Book Description:

Discover Bazel, a new build and software test set of tools for today’s programmers and developers.  This book shows you how to speed up your builds and tests, and how to use Bazel in the context of your favorite programming language. You’ll see that the languages and SDKs supported include Java, C++, Android, iOS, and Go.

Beginning Bazel also shows you how scalable Bazel is for organizations, codebases, and continuous integration systems. It handles codebases of any size as well as multiple repos or a huge monorepo. Lastly, this book discusses how extensible Bazel is. You can easily add support for new languages and platforms with Bazel’s extension language. As such, you’ll be able to share and re-use language rules as they evolve in the Bazel community.

What You Will Learn

  • Use Bazel as a build tool
  • Test software with Bazel
  • Work with Java, C++, Android, iOS, Go, and other programming languages
  • Run Bazel on Linux, macOS, and Windows
  • Scale and extend Bazel to other languages and platforms
Who This Book Is For

Experienced programmers looking for alternative build/test tools.